How to write a great CFO job description

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CFO Job descriptions are typically written by an HR executive and/or the President or CEO of a company. They are typically used to describe the duties, responsibilities and requirements for a CFO Job opening. While a traditional CFO Job description does a fine job in describing duties, responsibilities and requirements for a high-level finance executive role, they often lack one key component.

That component is critical in attracting the very best CFO or VP of Finance candidates available within the marketplace. The component that I am referring to is a section that is absent on virtually all CFO job descriptions that I have seen. That section describes the positive aspects and selling points of both the position and the company.

The very best CFOs are highly selective in where they go to work. They are not your typical unemployed candidates who are simply looking for any run of the mill job. They are routinely employed, but open to considering a great opportunity. Your job as an HR professional and/or CEO who wants to attract top talent is to tell them in a nutshell what makes your company great and what makes this position so attractive. The description must be convincing enough for them to consider making a move.

Some of the things that could be mentioned with relationship to the company include: current year revenues, projected growth rates, past growth and profitability history and descriptions such as “currently in rapid growth mode” or “highly profitable” can be helpful.

Additionally, phrases indicating positive aspects of the compensation package are beneficial. Things such as “company has paid out bonuses in full over last 10 years.” Anything else that describes what a great place to work it such as: excellent working environment, green friendly initiatives, promote from within policies or flexible work schedule are all things worth mentioning.

In addition, when it comes to mentioning things about the position, one could include: reporting structure, compensation, bonus potential, equity potential and any other outstanding benefits. Again, phrases such as “ground floor opportunity to build department” or “key member of executive leadership team working closely with the CEO” or anything else that highlights the growth opportunity of the position is worth noting.

Adding these sections to your CFO Job description will increase the likelihood of attracting top tier finance and accounting executives. The very best CFO candidates need to be enticed by a well written job description. Recruiters have used these techniques for many years to attract the very best CFO and VP of Finance candidates available within the marketplace.

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